Netent vs Yggdrasil: Who is Bigger?

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Online Gambling in Full Detail

When you choose to join an online casino, you will get to enjoy a lot of exciting benefits. However, it did not start that way because the concept was not fully accepted at the time. But, after many years, the industry was accepted by many players. Find out more about gambling at online casinos and playing online in general when you visit

From the time the popularity of online casinos increased, many casino game development company joined the industry. Since that time, there have been more coming into the community and the benefits that players enjoy has been increasing daily. It is without a doubt that playing online is one of the best things that has happened to the gambling activities since the beginning.


The Story of Netent

In the online gambling industry, there are a few game development companies that were around. Some of them are still active today and among them is the Netent brand. Created in 1996, first as a casino developer before switching to only developing casino games. Since the switch, the company has developed a large collection of casino games that players get to enjoy.

It does not even end there because the Netent portfolio is filled with a lot of exciting casino software that makes it easy for online casinos to offer an outstanding playing experience. With that, a lot of online casinos prefer Netent as their number choice when it comes to casino game development brands so that they can be a part of the top casinos'.

Yggdrasil: The Simple Story

On the other hand, Yggdrasil does not have an extensive history in the online gambling industry, and this is because the company came around after the boom of the online gambling industry. However, this game development brand has built a massive reputation for itself and also a huge following in the online gambling community. Many casinos now feature games from the brand.

In addition to that, one major thing distinguish Yggdrasil games from others and that is the fact that all their games come with amazing graphics and gameplay. So, for players that enjoy playing exciting games with great graphics and animation Yggdrasil is a perfect choice. Interestingly, it is very easy to find the one that you want since many casinos have their games.

Which brand is better?

From our extensive research, we were able to discover that Netent is the better brand and this is because Netent has a huge collection of casino games. Apart from that, Netent has built a bigger portfolio and has a better reputation in the online gambling community. All in all, choosing Netent is without a doubt the better choice since it is bigger in all forms.